Wherein the party tries to rescue the dwarven slaves

Fire in the night sky.

The party awoke in the late evening to the sounds of shouting in the square and the town alarm being rung. Fire was erupting from Hethelvagi’s brothel. Yoink and Glauben ran to the scene to find two groups of people streaming out of the building. Johns and whores in various states of undress followed by armed men dressed in black. All were running in terror. It became apparent that the fire was coming from the courtyard and the two Gnomes pressed through the building to discover Hethelvagi armed with a magic sword, injured, and leaning against the building. Fire giants had raided the Citadel of the Bloody Hand and the cowardly assassins fled to the surface. Also, vampires may be on the loose.

The Gnomes got the retired heroes from the village to form a posse, while the party went into Undermountain to find out if Dun Glordel was under attack.

It was.

But the Dwarves held off the onslaught of the trolls. With big war machines. Speaking of big war machines, that is exactly what the giants had in store for the party when they decided to raid the Giant’s lair while the giants had an assault party out. Much teleportation was had. Three ettins and one fire giant were slain. There was much running through the empty giant colony in search of the dwarves, but the most interesting thing found was the giant’s armory. The contents of which were, mostly, emptied and handed over to the dwarves through the use of teleport.



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