Tag: Talowdale


  • First Session

    The party was hired by three villagers from [[Talowdale]]; [[:69378 | Garth]], [[:69380 | Miriam]], and [[:69379 | Torc]]. The party agreed to protect the village for one year in exchange for a salary of 50GP plus room and board. h4. The first fight …

  • Session 2

    h3. Youth, Cut Short. The party returned to town from their raid on the goblin warren to discover two of [[:69561 | Duke Staggreig's]] men holding a boy prisoner. They had the youth bound by manacles to a stump and announced he would have his hands …

  • Session 3

    h3. Tying up loose ends. The party shared information and spells. They talked with the villagers about constructing defenses for [[Talowdale | Talowdale]]. The party also decided that to best protect the village they must investigate the …

  • Talowdale

    The village of Talowdale is a small farming village in the South Western most Provence of [[Verland]]. The farming efforts of the village are directed to livestock rearing since the villagers have found that is the most efficient means for paying their …

  • Garth

    Born in Talowdale and has lived his whole life there except for the trip he took to hire the adventurers.

  • Torc

    One of the peasants that hired the adventurers to protect Talowdale.

  • Miriam

    Born and raised in Talowdale. Was conscripted into Duke Staggreig's forces for a single campaign in which his younger brother died.

  • Bulvard Ironmonger

    Born in Talowdale and conscripted into Duke Staggreig's forces in prior military campaigns where he had much opportunity to apply his blacksmithing to military applications such as armor crafting and weaponsmithing.

  • Yngvar Baker

    His village was destroyed by the flood at the end of winter so he packed up his family and moved downstream to start fresh. He stopped in Talowdale because of its location and because they had hired protectors.