Wherein the party defeats Lord Hund
Alright, lets go back to town for booze and whores.

The protracted battle against the mummy Lord Hund ended in victory for the gnomes. A quick round of looting saw Hund stripped of his breastplate and destroyed helmet by Grim and Yoink grabbed the book Hund had been reading to see if it had any useful information or powerful spells. Hund and his skeletal maidservants were risin again by the power of the room and the gnomes beat the mummy down again with brutal efficiency. This time Grim dragged Hund’s body out of the room and into the hall while Yoink and Glauben ran interference against the skeletal maidservants. The next round saw the minions dropped and a tense two rounds were spent looming over Hund to see if he would rise again. Once dragging the body out of the room proved effective, the party smashed the skeletal maidservants a fourth time and dragged their bones out into the hall.

A quick sweep of the room with Quip provided evidence of secret hollows in the posts of Hund’s bed and in the wall behind the fake skull door in the hallway. A decent search revealed a key hole in the wall there and turned up a wand from a secret holster under Hund’s desk. Yoink was unable to decode the spell engraved on the stairs of the dais on which Hund’s bed rested and was hurt by the chill touch spell when stepping on the stair triggered it. The next few minutes involved discussion of how to access the secret compartments without touching the floor and eventually a spear was used to pry the doors of the compartments and pick out the gems and key that were inside.

The key fit the lock in the wall and opened up to reveal the trap mechanism, a spear trap, and a chest full of loot.

During the cataloging of the loot, Glauben and Yoink got into a verbal tussle and Glauben stormed off to take out his frustrations on the bed frame, which happened to be an owl bear skeleton that promptly jumped up to attack. It botched its attack, rolled down the steps setting off the chill touch, failed its save and ran for the door. Grim took a slash at it with his attack of opportunity just in time for it to round the corner and fall into a pit trap filled with green slime and was promptly dissolved.

With a convenient method of disposal revealed, Grim shoved the remains of Hund and his handmaidens into the green slime.

With the bed out of the way, Glauben noticed a trap door being pushed open by what appeared to be a beholder. The party immediately sprung into controlled retreat, moving to link up and firing bows to cover each other. The first arrow shot by Glauben struck home on the gas spore. It exploded sending up a cloud of fungal infection and causing a rain of dead bats to fall down from the high, unlit ceiling.

The gnomes decided that it was time to return to Talowdale for booze and whores. And to have the wizard identify their new haul.

Wherein the party has a single round of combat
And the GM has to go to the airport.

One round of combat saw complete dispel of all crawling claws and significant damage to the stone golem which found it self unable to penetrate the heavy armor of the gnome party.

Wherein the party adds a new member
You know your name looks like "Netflix"

A new airship arrived in Tern’s Roost laden with gnomes. Most of these were militant members of the giant slayer order to which Grim belongs. One of the gnomes was Nilflex, an illusionist by training, son to Gild and half-brother to Glauben. Nilflex had come to join in the quest to save his father from the curse of the Ring of Sios.

Another person of interest was the alchemist who had come to help establish a facility for the production of the alchemical lifting gas for the new airfield.

The party got their new friends settled in at town and then proceeded straight to the second level of Undermountain to chase down the mummy necromancer that Ryleeke Knodervers had mentioned.

The trip was long and pointlessly winding as the party went up one long hall only to come almost the entire distance back again down a parallel hall.

Moving cautiously, only Yoink had entered the tomb when he pulled the pull-ring in the floor in search of a way to advance. Instead of a way forward, this only released a Darkenbeast. Charm monster proved ineffective. A web from Yoink and two solid halberd slashes from Grim and the creature was dead. The web was lit ablaze to remove it as an obstruction only to aggravate a cloaker that had been impersonating a tapestry. It used its fear moan to no effect and was also quickly dispatched by the gnomes.

Proceeding through the now revealed door triggered the release of two dozen animated skeletal hands and the appearance of a clay golem.

Wherein the party returns another damsel in distress to her family
I've decided my character is a dendrophile

Teleport failure! Glauben was sent to a frozen plain. Grim was sent to the side of a mountain. Yoink was sent to a sea side village buried in snow. And Fatty was dropped in a partially frozen lake.

Survival mode kicked in for the members of the party without any means of teleport as they awaited recovery. Yoink went to Pythagos to scry all the wayward party members and gathered them up from the far flung frozen corners of Verland.

Meanwhile Grim teleported himself back to Durnan’s tavern in Tern’s Roost where he saw Avereene. Just sitting at the bar. The common room was full of people and Grim quickly assessed the crowd. He noticed a few strangers. Some of these strangers had a gaze that rested on Grim a moment too long. Grim set himself down with some dwarves from the granite quarry who quickly made themselves available for a bar fight in Grim’s favor. One Fundin Stonecutter excused himself to retrieve a work gang from the quarry to aid in dealing with Grim’s foes. As that group was arriving at the bar, Grim went to exit and was stopped by Averene. She had a warning to deliver from the Eye. Two of her goons made a move for Grim. Grim swept their legs out from under them with his halberd and the entire bar jumped to aid Grim against the attackers. Within seconds Averene and her two goons were bound and being dragged off to interrogation cells in the Citadel of the Bloody Hand in Undermountain.

After interrogating Averene the gnomes decided to let her go.

The following day the gnomes returned Ryleeke Kondeveres to her family. The gnomes teleported to the offshore airship dock for Skullport, caught an airship to Arconston and in a few short days were there. They took a carriage across town, stopping in the central plaza of the city to admire a circle of statues depicting heroes of the Kingdom of Verland including Cup and Gild.

The Kondevers estate was large and swanky. Lord Kondervers, as thinks to the gnomes for returning his daughter, offered his support in any endeavor the gnomes sought to undertake, as well as a small chest of gems.

Kondervers put the gnomes up in a swanky hotel for the night and much hijinks of gnomish character ensued.

Wherein the party reaches level 2
Look, we've all seen each other invisible here

The gnome party began by conveying their new information regarding Garfanglor to the epic party. Some thought was put to dealing with the dragon situation but action was postponed. After hanging around in Talowdale for a day or so the gnomes returned to grinding Undermountain.

Given the lack of a meat shield the magic using gnomes opted for magical stealth. Yoink, Glauben, and Fatty used wands to make themselves invisible and Fatty case silence 15’ radius. Unable to communicate the party defaulted to hugging the right wall. This took them through some twists and turns and into an encounter with a door which was in fact a mimic. The mimic managed to talk its way out of getting killed and the party got some useful information from the perspective of a predatory monster in the dungeon. Better prepared for the black curtain when they reached it, Fatty attempted deception, triggering the lecruotta to use their vocal lure which ensnared Glauben. A short scuffle ensued where the lecruotta fled. The party pursued cautiously and found themselves on the other side of the misty ghost corridor. After activating the torch trigger, Fatty was able to identify the effect as a permanent image. The party continued hugging the right wall and chose to investigate a door they had left closed the last time through. Upon opening the door and proceeding down the stairs the corridor erupted into conflagration. The flames had no effect on the gnomes, thanks to the shield of Clangedden. Undeterred by the flames the gnomes pressed deeper into the corridor only to be swept up in some kind of blue magic mist that teleported the party to level 2 of Undermountain to the door of the black boudoir.

The gnomes met the maiden Riyelikki Kondevers and agreed to take her out of the dungeon. She revealed that Hallistair is alive and active within Undermountain. She also offered to show the party the way through the dungeon and the location of valuable and powerful magic on the way out. The party soon discovered that level 2 of undermountain is comprised primarily of long hallways with few rooms branches or interconnections.

At another black curtain the party was beset upon by two rust monsters. Web was immediately used as the gnomes fell back while peppering the foul crickets with arrows. The heads of which dissolved into useless iron oxide dust after impact. Around the corner the party encountered a horrifying ghost of a one armed elf. They did not recognize it as the ghost that greeted them on their first night in the dungeon until Fatty turned it and the walls started to bleed. This was followed by running and screaming. The running was diverted by a door which was kicked open to reveal a small natural cave with an open sarcophagus magic was used to loot the room as two urds flew overheat trying to set Yoink on fire with flaming oil. Running and screaming was resumed until the party reached an interesting door with pits, levers, and spikes. Whereupon the party decided it was getting pretty late and it was time to reveal to their damsel in distress that they had the power to leave Oz all along. First they teleported to the flooded stair and then to Estnod’s teleport reception area (presumably the gnomes have been there before).

Wherein the party travels north
"I give her noble ass a treat"

The party successfully returned Maith Slenderbow to her mother and her home in the village of Heirhorne. On the road north there was some bullshit with kobald grave robbers. Grave robbers were tracked and rode down and their ill gotten plunder confiscated. There was retaliation the next day by 12 kobalds who attempted to lay a trap. Tracks of a 13th foe, who wore boots where the kobalds went unshod, led to a blind chase into the forest in the night but no enemy. The next morning mail was found in the box. Garfanglor had sent a letter telling the gnomes to give up the loot and stay out of his business. After long discussion the gnomes decided to dump the loot. They then proceeded to town, hired a barge, and traveled to the far north of Verland to return the girl home.

Wherein the party is bitten by spiders
For the night is dark, and full of spiders.

IN the last session the party set out to return Maith Slenderbow to her people. The going was hindered by bad information, bad weather, and millions of spiders. A curse was suspected and magic was tested. Then drider attacked and were slain. There was also a unicorn.

Wherein the party battles drow
"We finally have an NPC with a class and she turns out to be an idiot!"

More dungeon grinding. Wandering monster ambushes, puzzling poetic clues, and drow sacrifices. The party entered a pair of large lit rooms. The first with the mouldering corpses of long dead nobility where a cryptic poem was found and pondered. Attempting to follow the lead and to join up two places on the map the party briefly explored a side hallway only to find and slay a manticore. Fortunately, the manticore had a decent sized pile of loot and serious thought was paid to repaying the loan to the Guild. Rats swarmed over the body of the fallen manticore. Rufus gorged himself on dungeon rats and fell asleep. Most of the party was disgusted by the spectacle, except Glauben, who sang “The Circle of Life.” Giving up on the side halls, the party returned to the second of the large purple-lit rooms to find a huge spider altar to the spider god Selvetarm, a kidnapped moon elf maiden, and two drow guards.

Things quickly escalated. The first two drow guards fell in a round. After a brief respite, the rest of the drow group arrived with their evil priestess. Magic was slung about and soon 10 drow added three zombies and 20 giant spiders to the battle.

Drow are often formidable foes because of their superior equipment and innate magic. When the DM fails to properly use that innate magic, the drow still have their powerful technological advantage. Drow tend to be armored with magical suits of mithril chain mail and magical mithril swords. In a world such as this, where magic has been rare until recently on the surface, one would expect drow to have a substantial advantage. However, here they were fighting an uncanny group of battle hardened gnomes who have powerful sponsors. These gnomes have slain three dragons and bear the spoils of those victories into battle. In a contest of armor there are few that can contend with The Gnomes of Raer Baer.

After the battle the gnomes had captured the dark elf priestess. A difficult interrogation was followed by a long and intense discussion of what to do with the prisoner. Faced with a lack of detention facilities and an uncooperative prisoner, the party opted for an execution.

During the fight, the party had rescued Maith Slenderbow, a moon elf maiden of 40 years. She had been captured by the drow and was being magically interrogated. She was separated from her father, a bowyer, on a market trip to the port of Arconston. Clad only in a silken shift, the party armed her with a bow from their surplus and the magic leather curiass they had just found. After the battle and discovering the ordeal she had been through, Fatty fed her with cream puffs and bread and pastry which Maith hungrily devoured between sobs. After the interrogation and execution of the dark elf prisoner and the obscure revelation to the party that Maith’s father was most likely dead, Maith collapsed in a corner vomiting up the mass of sugar she had been fed and sobbing between convulsions.

Wherein the party ties up loose ends
"I shake the magic bone at the wall"

Last session the party returned to the glacially slow process of grinding the dungeon crawl. Faced with the option of striking out to level 2 or tying up some loose ends on level 1, and with some prodding by the GM, the party decided to check out the southern 4/6 of the unexplored first level.

Intending to proceed south from a place where the party encountered a ghostly apparition, without confronting the ghost, the party moved to investigate some double doors that had not yet been explored. A trap was detected but not successfully disabled and the party was enveloped in a cloud of corrosive chlorine gas. Rufus was nearly killed. Once the gas had dissipated, the party proceeded into the hall of a hundred candles. There they encountered and slew a carrion crawler which had been devouring some kind of huge glowing maggot. Past the hideous giant bugs the party encountered several poetic passages written on the wall at the end of the hall. After some thinking about the passages, that was probably interrupted a few times by the GM, the party set out south again in search of the secret door that the magic axe had detected. In the search the party came upon, surprised, and slew a group of goblins that were being led by a mimic. More loot than is reasonable for non-Blue Fist goblins to possess was found. The gobs had a magic die and a magic human arm bone. The bone was identified and it turned out to be an unholy relic of a saint of the goblin god. The party decided to go back and use the magic bone to poke the wall that had the word “bones” etched in it. After some experimentation and teleportation, the party teleported back to the room with Nimraith’s bones in it. They did everything possible to molest the skeleton without “searching” it. After a few more teleports, Nimraith’s back pack was searched to reveal an ivory scroll tube with a map and a spell scroll.

Since the etchings mentioned bones and thrones the party decided to place Nimraith’s bones in the bone throne they had “encountered” elsewhere. This caused the throne to transform into spitting vipers which were quickly dispatched. Investigation of the throne revealed a scepter of imprisonment which in turn revealed an imprisoned and enraged wyvern. The party made quick work of the wyvern. They then pried all the gems from the now non-threatening throne.

Wherein Karaflan Dies in Glory
Do I shoot the angel?

The Death of Karaflan was epic.

The waves of expendables fell under the blows and arrows and magic of the party. Then the fire giants pressed their main attack. A young adult red dragon charged through the melee crushing scores of kobalds, knocking over statues, and stomping Grim and Karaflan into paste. Holding against the charge, Karaflan and Grim inflicted tremendous damage on the dragon. Karaflan, dead but too enraged to know it, leapt at the dragon that had just trampled him. Grim charged with his halberd. The dragon turned his head toward Grim just in time to have his eye stabbed by the halberd. Karaflan gained the back of the dragon and stabbed down hard with his giant sword, slaying the tremendous beast. Karaflan turned, bloody foam on his lips, organs dripping from the sides of his armor, insane rage in his eyes, and screamed a terrifying threat at the fire giants advancing on him. And died.

Seconds later an angel was summoned who used magic to bring a peaceful end to the feud between the giants and the wee folk.


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