The Road to Clam Bay
Where The Inns Suck

The party left the orc cave in the morning, avoiding trouble with the wolves feasting on the orc bodies. Taking no note originally of the horse slowly catching up to them from behind, the group spotted an ambush from a pass through a hill. The horseman turned out to be an orc, part of the ambush. After two orcs on the hill fell quickly, the horseman fled.

8g, 4s, 8c, Steel Breastplate x2, Shortsword, Dwarven Mithral Battleaxe [Troll’s Bloodfire]

They arrived in a small village and spoke with the village leader, Hob. They learned about the Horse Eater clan of orcs that has been harassing their town and stealing horses. Their baron is responsible for their protection, but the villagers think worse of the soldiers than the orcs.

The party spent the evening entertaining the children with magic and enjoying the festivities of the village’s harvest festival. During the night, they did their gnomely thing and cleaned people’s houses and talked to the burrowing animals of the area. In the morning, they discussed the journey to Clam Bay and passage to Verland.

Upon reaching Clam Bay, the gnomes were met by guards who gave them a good searching and taxed them for the arms and armor they were bringing in. Looking for a placed to stay, Karaflan found a bar and accompanying barfight in The Drunken Mermaid. Shopping around, a stranger found them on the street and offered them a place for 5s a room. Skeptical, the group tentatively followed and got rooms at The Golden Dragon.

-4g, 15s, 8c

Suspicions were met when Glauben discovered a secret room with a trapdoor. The party set plans to be ready for intruders which were validated during Glauben’s watch. Oddly, the almost-intruders called it off, and the night was otherwise uneventful.

New Beginnings
The Gnomes of Raer Baer Depart

Ziggy, Karaflan, Yoink, Tyl, Grim, Calladarumanna, and Glauben volunteered (or were volunteered) to quest on behalf of their Cheiftain, Gild Silverfist. After gathering provisions and receiving a grand sendoff from Raer Baer, they left on a road to a human port to find passage to Verland.

On the road, they passed some deer and a human carriage. Most of the group hid, except for Ziggy and Grim. Grim spoke (briefly and curtly) with the passing humans. Later, the group saw a small group of orcs headed towards them. Volleyed with arrows and crossbow bolts, two orcs were felled before Grim and Flan closed with the remaining pair. Glauben misfired and hit Gibbles, Cal’s riding dog. Flan splattered one orc, and the other surrendered. When it tried to flee in reaction to Ziggy’s healing magic, Grim splattered it.

16 gp, 24 sp, 4 studded leather suits

Yoink, Tyl, and Glauben went to investigate the orcs’ cave and found a stash of treasure and food. The food was magically purified and cooked (very poorly). During Tyl’s watch, a pack of raccoons came to the cave. When she went to wake Yoink, she woke the dog who woke everyone else. During Flan’s watch, a pack of lambosauruses wandered by harmlessly.

400 gp

Total treasure:
416 gp, 24 sp
4 medium suits of studded leather

This place is a bit too warm.
Wherein the Party gets slapped by Mordenkinen's Disjunction

Evil Daggers are not very persuasive.

Discretion is the better part of valor.

And Then There Were 6
Wherein the Party reconsiders a few things

All of our goals are really long-term

We attempt parley
h2. Lontros the Red is killed and his trump card is played.

The Court Comes A Callin'
Wherein the Party makes it clear exactly who is in charge.
The End of the House of Staggreig
Wherein the Party Wintnesses the Heir to the Throne Slay Their Long-Time Enemy
wherein the party raids Seifer's Site C
the glass cage with demon walls
The Battle of Karak Urbar
The drums of doom sound between the flaming peaks
The Hunt For the Elusive Necromancer, Seifer, Resumes
Things just got more complicated.
Busting Up The Frost Giant Slavery Ring
How can shit less than half our CR result in a TPK?

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