Wherein the Party Enjoys the Sunrise
Retributive Strike!

Mass Combat on the High Seas

The party left Arconston for Pearl Reef with their fleet of followers. The fleet consisted of the party in the Whiskey Twin, the three captured merchant cogs filled with Captain Biggy McLarge-Huge of the Biggonites’ pirates, and a dozen Drakkars each with a dozen berserkers from Norge.

Ehlonna AriEr stayed behind in Arconston. She had just been granted the rank of Prince of Thieves in the Cartographers Guild and was using this authority and the land given her by the King to establish a spice trading company.

Pythagos Teleported ahead alone to Talowdale to gather up Lo-kag Fanglord Gathakana and “Phill” as well as the airships that had been designed by Biggy’s cohort and built by his civilian followers. Three days later the three party members met back up with the pirate fleet with three zeppelins and two unique airships.

Their passage was uneventful till just before dawn on the fifth day when the fourth watch on the surface ships was eliminated by marine scrags.

Stealth Trolls

Minutes before sunrise, salt water trolls stealthily stole on to deck of each of the surface ships and dragged off the drowsy crew members into a cold drowning death in the ocean.

Ia Nell observed this from his post as bridge officer on the Whiskey Twin and awoke the sleeping party members. Who sprung into action and started hugging. A clever ploy to make the trolls think they were casting water breathing, a spell with a touch range.

Magic Trolls

The trolls had time to prepare their attack. One shaman had begun summoning a hurricane to batter the fleet and airships, and once it was clear that the initial attack had been successfull, the second shaman summoned an elder water elemental.

Water Elemental

Trapped in the Vortex

When the elemental appeared it immediately transformed into a huge vortex and begun sucking ships to the bottom of the sea. The Whiskey Twin was caught in the first round the party was able to act which trapped the sub beneath the waves and incapacitated most of the party.


After three rounds the GM said that the vortex had captured the entire fleet and would sink all 15 ships in the next round. But the players reminded the GM that the ships are all around 100’ long and the vortex was only 60’ wide and so could not encompass all the ships at once.

The GM graciously decided that the entire fleet would not be sunk in one fell swoop, but that since the fleet had been failing its seamanship rolls for the preceding four rounds, that one ship on each round would have been destroyed.

Combat Proceeds

Fiendish Krakken and Dispel Magic


Retributive Strike


Mop Up

Wherein the Party Returns to Snakebite Swamp
not the best session ever

The GM Was In A Bad Mood

The party flew to the Snakebite Forge to gather up the scattered members or something. The fortress was under attack in the nights. The party tracked the assailant to the jungle and discovered it to be a crusade of illithids. Mind flayers are not a credible threat to a party of lv.20 characters so the illithids attempted to capture the party’s zeppelin. The crew was killed, probably faster then was possible. And the party quickly kicked the asses of the the purple squid people.

Wherein the Party Makes it Rain
Don't Loose Your Head

Crab People

The Battle of Pearl Reef


The Blue Fist


The Party

The Magic Storm

Land Conflict

Marine Conflict

Striking the Admiral




Peace Negotiations

Biggy the Pirate Emperor

Wherein the Party Enters the Tomb of Horrors
...and now you're naked.

The Hook

Enter, If You Dare

The Box

The Cell

The Mist

The Second Hall

The Chapel of Evil

Preemptive Nudity

Gender Bending

The Hall of Fear

The Legendary Tomb of Horrors
I died eight times and all I got was this cursed crown?
Dungeons and Dry Political Intrigue
When you take the time to sit down and talk with them, dragons are assholes.
Busting Up The Frost Giant Slavery Ring
How can shit less than half our CR result in a TPK?
The Hunt For the Elusive Necromancer, Seifer, Resumes
Things just got more complicated.
The Battle of Karak Urbar
The drums of doom sound between the flaming peaks
wherein the party raids Seifer's Site C
the glass cage with demon walls

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