Session 3
Wherein the Party Begins to Discover the Size of the Enemy.

Tying up loose ends.

The party shared information and spells. They talked with the villagers about constructing defenses for Talowdale.

The party also decided that to best protect the village they must investigate the information they have about The Snakebite Forge. They also decided in order to do that effectively they must make sure that the broken tooth tribe of goblinoids was dealt with.


There were two new additions to the village. A potter and a baker. They brought a new energy to Talowdale sparking the beginning of the rebuilding of the south side of the village.

This Campaign is Now Incredibly Awesome

The party headed out to check on the status of the Broken Tooth tribe. Before reaching the bridge, Cup spotted a pair of deinonychus hiding in the brush on the side of the road. McRunfast cast charm animal on one of them and succeeded in his attempt to mount the animal. Causing much confusion in the other deinonychus in the pack. The party was tailed by the dinosaurs back to the bridge. Attempts to lure them out with food failed. Captain Biggy McLarge-Huge of the Biggonites and Whuh Sdat remained behind to set a trap for the raptors while the rest of the party moved off to track the bugbears.

Whuh Sdat sat in the middle of the road on one end of the bridge while Captain Biggy McLarge-Huge of the Biggonites hid in the bushes nearby. One of the deinonychus appeared at the opposite end of the bridge and watched Whuh. Biggy realized that the raptors were using exactly the same tactics as they were.

That moment of realization was punctuated by a surprise attack on Whuh Sdat from behind by other members of the pack. He was hit by a jumping charge and knocked prone. Whuh Sdat shoved the deinonychus off, did a kick stand to instantly get his feet, and knocked the other deinonychus unconscious with his bare hands. Biggy ran up and joined the melee only to be attacked from behind by another three deinonychus. They didn’t know and couldn’t have known the horrible mistake it was to charge a warrior who can threaten a 10’ radius. The three deinonychus took two attacks of opportunity before even reaching combat. A flanking maneuver by Whuh brought a successful end to the combat and an end to the pack of deinonychus.

Vengeance Carries a Silver Piece.

The party regrouped and pitched camp so as to covertly observe the entrance of the Broken Tooth tribe’s cave. They observed the women and children fleeing the cave. They then entered the cave to discover no resistance only treasure. Unfortunately the value of the treasure was mostly in the form of huge, one ton, basalt statues of drakes. Much of the rest of the day was spent hiring men to construct heavy carts and moving the statues back to the village. The party discovered that the statues were once destined for some royal construction project but were captured by the Broken Tooth. Pythagos McTherian sent word of the discovery to the king and bribed the captain of the checkpoint to ensure the letter would reach its destination.

A New Voyage

After much thought and some preparation the party set out East to see about this Snakebite Forge they had heard about. With two new ox carts loaded down with all their possessions and treasure and provisions for the trip they left Talowdale a mere two weeks after first arriving there.

They managed to pass the first checkpoint with forged travel documents. Hours later they heard the drumming of marching soldiers and took a moment to consider their options. The rogue scouted ahead and discovered this was a squad of Blue Fist hobgoblins.

The rangers and rogues hid and the magic users made the rest of the party invisible with magic. The hobgoblins spotted one of the rangers, halted and took up a firing line position. Whuh Sdat, displaying his lack of familiarity with magic stepped out of the area of effect of invisibility, taunted the hobgoblins and took a step back, negating the illusion and revealing the rest of the party. Pythagos McTherian let fly with a prepared fireball, incinerating six of the eleven hobgoblins, including their leader. As trained soldiers the hobgoblins calmly reformed their ranks into a skirmishing formation in order to avoid further magic and opened fire on the mage. Three bolts hit the carts and two hit Pythagos McTherian. McRunfast cast entangle on the remaining hobgoblins, entangling them. Three rounds of missile combat followed and the fight ended with Whuh Sdat knocking the last hobgoblin out with non-lethal damage.

The Party Discovers That Both John Yoo and Torture are Wrong.

The hobgoblin prisoner was tied up and interrogated. He revealed that Grom the Blue Fist had unified all the northern tribes of green-skins. He also revealed that his group was traveling to the desert to enlist the help of a dragon.

The party then took the prisoner to the next checkpoint. Pythagos McTherian asked about a bounty on hobgoblins and dumped out a sack of heads in front of the king’s soldiers. Ehlonna AriEr and Whuh Sdat objected to this. Everyone else lost 100xp for committing a chaotic evil act.

An Elf is Haughty, and the Party Arrives in Duke Staggreig’s Keep.

The party randomly encountered a traveling elf on the highroad. Captain Biggy McLarge-Huge of the Biggonites insulted the elf. Ehlonna AriEr had a conversation with the stranger about the worrying events in the world. Captain Biggy McLarge-Huge of the Biggonites picked the elf’s pockets and then threw his own money back at him. The elf, not wanting to get into a fight with armed and belligerent humans let the petty theft and insult slide.

Session 2
Wherein the Party Finds it's Feet

Youth, Cut Short.

The party returned to town from their raid on the goblin warren to discover two of Duke Staggreig’s men holding a boy prisoner. They had the youth bound by manacles to a stump and announced he would have his hands chopped off for thievery. Ehlonna AriEr shot the soldier that raised his halberd to enact the punishment and the gathered townsfolk took a collective gasp of shock. Pythagos McTherian Cast the sleep spell which knocked out both guards, the boy, and one other villager. Captain Biggy McLarge-Huge of the Biggonites quickly bound and gagged the soldiers and Cup unbound the boy and tended to the guard who had been shot.

Hobarth Burgher expressed concern that his villagers would now face the wrath of the Duke because they would take the blame for hiring these foreigners who had shot the Duke’s men. So a plan took shape where the Duke’s soldiers would be delivered to the King’s soldiers at the checkpoint. Once there the King’s guards required a small donation to the maintenance of the highroad before they could think of a charge to hold the Duke’s men on. 10sp poorer and one conflict averted the party headed back to town.

The Fall of the Westmoon Goblins

The previous efforts of the party to rid the region of the goblins who bear the mark of the Blue Fist had resulted in a dramatic reduction of the goblin’s numbers. Only five remained. Those five were in the process of retreating from the area under cover of darkness. Ehlonna AriEr had been sent out into the fields to scout for any goblin activity and spotted them attempting to flee. She returned quickly to the village and rounded up most of the party to head out and cut them off. Cup and McRunfast stayed behind to protect the town. The party caught up with the goblins a mere 300 yards from town. Combat ensued. Four goblins were felled quickly and one was captured. The prisoner was locked up in a dog kennel in the basement of the Boar’s Rest.

The next morning, Captain Biggy McLarge-Huge of the Biggonites tortured the goblin for information. of course goblins are not that difficult to bully so the goblin give up very much information. He translated the map and documents the party found on the body of the leader of the goblins. He told them where all the traps were in the warren, where the secret entrances to the real warren were, and about the goblins treasure.

The party grabbed an ox cart and ran out to the dungeon and retrieved the loot.

Bridge Out

Upon returning to Talowdale, the party was approached by Rothgar the Teamster that led the caravan the adventurers came to Talowdale on. He complained to the party that the bridge to the West of town was out and the Kings men refused to repair it because they were under constant attack from orks and goblins in the region. Pythagos McTherian just so happened to know engineering and offered to design and build a new bridge in exchange for 50gp from the teamsters.

The party hired several carpenters from the village and drove a cart of materials out to the site of the old bridge. Once there the party took up defensive positions and began the work of building the bridge . During the night a group of bugbears bearing the mark of the broken tooth tribe were spotted attempting to sneak up on the party in the night. The party then shot at them. The bugbears returned fire with spears. Melee combat was joined and the party emerged victorious. The carpenters returned to work and the bridge was built in record time, 32 hours. The teamsters were pleased that they could move on and unload their merchandise and so they paid happily.

Pleased with their own work the party set to carving the King’s decorative seal into the new bridge. Ingrid “The Fang” Svenson failed her forgery check and directed the carpenters to carve lions into the bridge where the King’s seal involves dragons.

A New Acquaintance

On their return to Talowdale the adventurers met their first random encounter. Wayzig Garmottin Glinpen Badgerhole Bighill Bunkpest Dalwick Handig Pilwin Ellyjotwiss the Alchemist appeared from a cloud of smoke, colored and shaped to match the appearance of his wizard mark. He is a traveling alchemist salesman and offered the party goods and services that are unavailable elsewhere. When he appraised the gems they got off the goblin leader, the XP from the value of the gems shot them up to level 5. Pythagos McTherian bought some spells to fill in his book and the party then moved on to town.

Mail and Illness

Pythagos McTherian went to the checkpoint on the highroad to inform the King’s men about the new bridge. While there he received a spell scroll and magic ring in the mail from his master. The next morning Pythagos McTherian, Captain Biggy McLarge-Huge of the Biggonites, and Ingrid “The Fang” Svenson, all woke up with Cholera. With the help of some healing they only spent a day in the latrine.

Current Treasure (1st session)
Loot! loot! loot!


270 cp 8,325 sp 3838 gp 70 pp

Weapons and Armor

15 light cross bows

150 Stone Bolts

10 short swords

26o x-bow bolts

2 small shields

8 long swords

7 poor quality splint mail

2 Splint Mail

1 Special Sword – Falchion

20 Spears

10 Alchemist’s Fire

4 Tanglefoot Bag

10 Thunderstone

5 Medium-sized Chainmail

5 Tower Shields

5 McQuedle


*600 exp before personal exp bonuses.

personal EXP bonuses

First Session
Wherein the party is formed and encounters a most dread hole.

The party was hired by three villagers from Talowdale; Garth, Miriam, and Torc. The party agreed to protect the village for one year in exchange for a salary of 50GP plus room and board.

The first fight of untested adventurers

In order to pass the many checkpoints on the way to Talowdale the party hired themselves out to a merchant caravan as protection in exchange for 20SP per person. On the last night, barely a half-mile out of town the caravan was attacked by three wargs and two goblins. The party fought as individuals in a mainly disorganized fashion but were able to dispatch their foes quickly with minimal damage to the caravan.

A dungeon in the hills

The next morning the party was introduced to the village elder over breakfast and set to their task of ridding the village of goblins. The ranger was able to track the warg attack despite a tricky path and by afternoon the party was at the entrance to an old cellar in the ruins of a stone fort.

Ehlonna the bard proceeded first down the narrow stone stair identifying one trap and then turning back after determining that a long hallway laid at the bottom of the stair. The rogue disarmed the identified trap and during the debate about who would take point, Capt. Biggy attacked the trap. That attack revealed that the trip wire activated an alarm. Everyone hid for several rounds and nothing appeared to happen but the rogue heard the pitter-patter of unshod feet upon stone.

A chance encounter with a hole

The argument about who should take point began afresh and eventually What the monk decided to proceed down the stairs. Immediately there were several volunteers to follow from a safe distance. As the timid first-level adventurers suspected, the goblins had heavily fortified the entrance to their cave with traps and as What proceeded a mere five feet into the dungeon he stepped upon a painted tarp that had been laid across a 10×10x10 pit. (no spikes, no acid, no poisonous insects, no rats) What failed his reflex save and took 8 damage out of his 9 hp but survived his system shock test. The monk and cleric helped What the monk out of the pit and healed him. Next, the other monk chose to attempt to leap the pit. At a DC 10 with a couple ranks in jump this looked like the easiest task of the day. Unfortunately this easy task had significant negative consequences. The second monk fell into the hole. Captain Biggy McLarg-Huge of the Biggonites managed to jump over the hole and when he hit the ground, set off a crossbow trap. Captain Biggy then helped the second monk up on the far side and the acrobatic rogue chose the much more difficult maneuver of clinging to the wall and ceiling and inching over the hole at a greater height. Captain Biggy, tired of all this trap nonsense charged at his maximum speed down the narrow hallway setting off another three crossbow traps reducing himself to 3hp and passed his system shock test. At this point goblin archers began firing at the party from the dark end of the hall. Captain Biggy McLarg-Huge of the Biggonites in a true display of dungeoneering began attacking the darkness with his spiked anchor-chain. Sarah the fighter attempted to leap over the pit and failed, taking 9 damage out of her 10hp. The monk and cleric climbed into the hole to treat her wounds where they would be safe from the goblin archers.

By this point Ehlonna had traveled back to town and gotten a couple of boards to make a makeshift bridge over the hole. Captain Biggy McLarg-Huge of the Biggonites, alone at the end of a dark hallway, under fire by goblin crossbowmen, and having the appearance of a porcupine from the number of crossbow bolts sticking out of his sides, began loudly calling a retreat. A couple more rounds of missile fire from the goblins, combined with the fact that they were hired on salary, convinced the rest of the party that retreat was a wise option.

sleepless nights

Most of the party realized an attack from the goblins would be forthcoming that night. However the priest was out of spells for the day and the town was entirely unprotected. Ehlonna AriEr gathered up 50 or so villagers to begin setting up road blocks and bonfires. The cleric slept and prayed. The rangers and mage took a wagon load of straw down to the waterfall where the warg attack had crossed the river the previous night. Captain Biggy McLarg-Huge of the Biggonites and Ehlonna AriEr took some villagers up on the wooded ridge overlooking the village and most of the men of the village took to their roofs at the direction of the ranger.

Five goblins attempted to sneak around the bonfires using the river for cover. Two of them were killed by missile fire before making it across the river where they were slain by Ehlonna AriEr and Captain Biggy McLarg-Huge of the Biggonites.

The application of brain power

The next day saw a busy cleric using his magic and healing skill to bring the party back to fighting strength. While the healing was going on the ranger, mage, monk, and bard discussed what they knew about the goblins and decided to set a trap for them. The party had previously asked the villagers about the goblins and learned that the gobs would attack whenever there was any attempt to plant the fields. So the party split into two groups and took up positions around the goblins cave entrance and in the field with the villagers who began planting. The cleric saw a gob spy from across the field at far too great a distance to make chase. The rangers and mage around the cellar entrance saw the spy enter and waited for the first gob to stick his wrinkled green head out of the stairwell and fired on him.

The first three gobs dropped immediately, the remaining goblins passed their morale check. A thunder stone was thrown from the stairwell deafening Pythagos McTherian and the gobs began charging out of the stairwell. Another three dropped and they just kept coming. Three more goblins fell to missile fire but now there were four entering melee combat range. Pythagos McTherian stepped out of hiding and cast burning hands managing to pass his deafness check and managing to catch all four of the goblins in the plume of flame. They came away only singed but having faced so many casualty’s and suddenly being faced for the first time with a human who can make fire shoot out of his hands, the goblins failed their morale check and retreated into their dank stinking cave.

The party then summed up all their courage and ran screaming back to the village.

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