Wherein the party bugs out
I grab the old guy put the helm of teleportation on his head and tell him to think of the elf city

The party teleported away at sight of Garfanglor. They regrouped and teleported to the elven capitol. After meeting the gnomish diplomatic envoy to the elves the party had a discussion with Michael the Silver which led to the determination that Garfanglor was going to attack the gnome’s support structure. The epic party was rallied and they took a stand at Tern’s Roost. Garfanglor was slain.

Wherein Garfanglor's Dwarf Slaves are Freed
I turn invisible and climb in the crate.

In the last session there was lots of drunken yelling about the morals and economics of releasing a bunch of slave miners. Yoink passed gas. And an unarmed woman was clubbed in the back of her head.

Wherein the party Slays Garfanglor
dragons really shouldnt be just simple meele encounters
Wherein the party encounters vampires bearing plot.
Yeah yeah vampire cult. What's in the scroll tube.

In the last session the party entered the ancient sealed laboratory of Halaster. Inside, they found the bodies of recently slain adventurers and battled vampires. Who may or may not have been a loose plot strand.

Wherein much discussion takes place
I summon the demon with stinky cheese

In the last session there was much discussion and planning regarding the final chapter of the campaign.

Wherein Gild Silverfist is freed from the curse of the demon Abraxas
I conjure a little statue of Abraxas and piss on it while giving him the double deuce.

In the last session the gnomes of Raer Baer succeeded in their quest and freed their patriarch from the cursed Ring of Sios.


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