Black Eyed Petey and the Evinki
Out To Sea

The party sold their orcish loot for 350 gold worth of Guild Notes to the somewhat shady merchant recommended by the very shady innkeeper.

+350 gp [Guild notes]

Searching for a ship, the group met a fisherman Belado who sold the finest, cheapest fish and pointed them along to Black Eyed Petey, who was looking for a crew.

-2 cp

Black Eyed Petey, captain of the Evinki, was desperate for a crew after his previous one left him. He was willing to take on the inexperienced sailors due to their magical talents, mostly. Their combat experience was also a plus. They bought up provisions; sailing gear and booze, mostly. Three half barrels of ale, one cask of ale, and one cask of wine.

-35 gp (sailing clothes) -12 gp (booze)

The crew loaded up the ship with their own provisions and the captain’s. Ziggy did his magic fixin’ and the crew got some basic sailor’s training. They visited temples of three sea gods: Aegir, Njord, and Umberlee. Late that night, the Evinki and its gnome crew sailed out with the tide from Clam Bay.

Black Eyed Petey and the Eviki II
Wherein sailing is learned

July 15, 2011 22:30

The party is taught by black Eyed Petey to navigate, man th ehelm, ties some knots and map location using the sun. Within just a couple hours, Silky Smooth notices a starless spot of the sky. The captain quickly warns of a storm. Four hours later, and after a possible loss of exact direction, the winter ice storm ended. Lil Sneezy and Biggie Smalls took the the sails with giant hammers to knock off the ever growing ice layers.

The next day, the party encountered dolphins hunting squids. Lil Sneezy even caught three of them. The squids were humorously put upon the faces of the three sleeping members of the party and laughs were had by all. The party also saw killer whales, blue sharks, and hammerheads.

The fourth deadly sea beast the party seas is a megalodon, a shark as large as the Eviki. In response to a prayer by Silverspoon, the shark leaps over the ship itself and shakes it mightily. It then disappears and is replaced by a flock of frigates. The party eats, sings and watches the sunset as a pod of dolphins, a good sign, swims with them. “Praise Umberly!”

One night, Silverspoon was attacked whilst at the helm by a man from the sea. Fishlike yet so human, the creature put a crossbow bolt into Lil Sneezy’s back, and a slash across his bony chest. Silky Smooth and Biggie Smalls shot errant bolts at the seaman. The captain stuck his axe in the creature. Yet, it was the injured Lil Sneezy that used some nearby rope to break the merman’s neck.

Two days later, the “right” whale is seen by Silverspoon in the crow’s nest. A whole pod is discovered and the party took two of the whales and their blubber as loot. With Biggie Smalls on the balista and Tyler on the helm, the whales were slew.

Another night a group of five sea devils attacked the ship. A bloody battle followed. One attempted to pull Yoink into the sea and scarred him badly, leaving him unconscious, but not before yoink cast him overboard by slicing off the devils hand with his rapier. Another left the Captain bed ridden. Lil Sneezy was gutted yet remained astute enough to kill two of the sea devils. Biggie Smalls and Silky Smooth finished off the others.

A deadly storm follows. The less said about its madness the better. The gnomes all lost a part of their soul in its throes. When they emerged from the tempest, there was a highway of ice surrounded by leagues of ice. And 80 leagues from Verland.

Loot: Some gold and silver jewlery and other merman crap.

Where the Evinki goes underwater

After the ice flow the Evinki continues north toward Stoord island. That day smoke was spotted rising from three places off beyond the horizon. The smoke got more distinct as the day went on.

Then a giant tsunami struck the Evinki. First, the ship was pulled down into a steep trough as the wave approached. Then the ship was thrust upward along the leading edge of the giant wave. The party lashed themselves to their stations and Captain Petey struggled to maintain control of the ship. The Evinki climbed higher and higher on the wave and began to take on water. The captain finally lost control. The Evinki plunged deep into the tsunami becoming completely swallowed by the wave. The hull began to fill with water, a hole was torn in the ship, the rigging and the sails were ripped from the mast. As Captain Petey regained control of the Evinki he brought the ship out of the wave to surf along the front.

The party went below deck to frantically make repairs and work the pumps. Another hole was torn in the side and the party members were tossed about the inside of the ship by rushing water. The dog came below deck spreading hair among the oily water. After repeated attempts, the party was able to patch the holes in the ship just as it crested the wave and began its rapid decent down the back side of the wave. The Evinki came crashing down into the sea and eventually drifted to a stop in calm waters. Without sails and adrift on the open ocean.

The crew quickly re-rigged the ship with the spare set of sails and got on their way before sundown. Just before the sun set a derelict ship was spotted in the distance. It was decided that the Evinki would try to render aid. The derelict was heavily damaged, sails torn and hanging loose from their rigging, the rudder ripped from the ship. As a moonless night set in, Captain petey ordered lanterns lit. After being lost in nightfall, the derelict ship emerged from the gloom almost suddenly. The lanterns cast an eerie, shifting light over the derelict, The Whale Fever. Someone could be seen in torn clothes, dragging himself around face-down on the deck.

Calladarumanna and Grim Giantkiller Longstick Silverfist jumped on board and were immediately attacked by grisly creatures. They had a green pallor of rotten flesh that had been soaked in sea brine, filthy clawed hands, torn and dirty clothes, and gore dripping from their hideous mouths.

Battle ensued. The party started out with most of the hits on the enemy but were soon overwhelmed as more of the creatures emerged from the sea on the far side of the Evinki and Grim and Glauben took severe injuries from the filthy creatures’ claws. The crew cut the Evinki loose from the Whale Fever and made a break for it under full sail. The two monstrous corpse-creatures on board were dispatched and thrown to the sharks.

The next day the Evinki made port in the town of Stood on the island Stood. The town had been damaged in the earthquake and tsunami the day before and it looked as if the whole town was working to get the place back in order. The port was full of damaged ships. The Evinki put in to the drydock at the shipyard in town for repairs.

Captain Petey took Grim Giantkiller Longstick Silverfist, Glauben Silverfist, Calladarumanna into town to make arrangements. He met with several merchants who spoke common with an almost unintelligible accent. The crew was told to load up a mule cart and haul all 80 long tons of the whale blubber to the rendering facility with the barrels necessary to hold it.

Grim Giantkiller Longstick Silverfist and Glauben Silverfist realized late into the day of heavy lifting that their wounds from the creatures the night before were getting worse. Fearing disease they went to find a cleric for healing only to discover that the gods have forsaken humans and do not grant healing magic to human clerics. The cleric of Njord was kind enough to take the injured gnomes to the local surgeon who fixed up Grim quickly. Glauben had a harder time of it though and it took two days of surgery and healing to stop the advancement of the disease.

Cured but still weak, the gnomes made their way to the Pelican’s Perch Inn to join the rest of the crew only to find a commotion in the tavern. Inside they saw a middle aged human clearly cast the spell prestidigitation.

The Darkness Extends Above Ground
Wherein the Party finds a wet way out of the Dungeon
The most intelligent enemies yet.
They just happened to be ineffectual ogres.

The gnomes spent a week in Talowdale with the epic party. There the gnomes rested their wounds. The epic party identified the magic items of the gnomes, instructed them in the newly opened ways of magic.

Glauben was accosted and dragged off by Lincoln on a hunting expedition. On the hunt Glauben impressed a burrowing owl named Rufus who joined the gnome’s party.

The quest to save their chieftain and noble father was resumed by the gnomes who delved back into the Underhalls with the new found power of Halastair’s Horned Ring.

Wherein the Gnomes Experiment and Encounter Unexpected Variables
Those Variables Being Undermountain

The party only wanted to fight giants, but that was not in the cards. Instead, they fought a managere of bizarre creatures.

Planning and logic were applied to the challenge of the giants. The two fights involving the giant guard and the giants investigating the death of their comrade have led the party to several conclusions. Principally, there are probably a lot of giants with a long-term settlement near the area they have been encountered, and they must be dealt with one at a time. So several schemes to extract the best possible advantage from the situation have been devised. One, which required testing, was using teleport as an anchor and safety line.

The first test replaced Yoink with a tentacle swinging rock monster. A second attempt was cut short in the search for a better test site when the party attracted the interest of a small group of ochre jellies. This party, having never encountered a slime monster before, but knowing the hazard of slimes to be their resilience and unpredictability, retreated to experiment. Arrows caused the creatures to divide, but fire hurt them. So much oil and coal was applied from a healthy distance.

Further teleport testing seemed to produce results that were not confused by uncontrolled factors. So clearly the correct response was for the party to add additional variables.

The suspicious rope from the not-so-secret room was used to link the party members, eventually causing them to be teleported under the canopy of a huge virgin forest at the foot of a sinister looking blackthorn tree. A line of floating gold coins pointed the way to a door in the side of the colossal tree. This party always has too much sense to go messing with the obvious traps and attempted to gather information before messing with the tree. But this GM has consequences in mind for them that do not stick their heads in the lion’s jaws, and flying haflings flew out of the tree to snatch at and steal from the party. Most attempts were foiled. Only Glauben lost his decorated repeater crossbow.

During the fight, Yoink attempted evasive action which caused the dark creature below to use its magic to attempt to restrain the gnomes within its ant-lion’s-den. How could the creature have predicted that teleportation away was a possibility?

Honorable mention: using the curvature of the wall of force against the enemies, Glauben shot an arrow up over the bows of the tree and dropped the arrow perfectly into a concealed enemy hafling.

The party regrouped at Talowdale and conferred with the epic party before returning to the Killing Tree. This time they boldly opened the door and went deep into the bowels of the Killing Tree. The rope ladder snapped! The party grabbed their safety line only to be fired on from above and stabbed at from wooden spears set into the tree. Ever downward into the darkness the gnomes climbed and fell until they reached the cavern of murky water beneath the Killing Tree.

Yoink and Glauben reached out toward the two points of light in the darkness only to be snatched at by the tentacles of the dark creature. For a few tense seconds our heroes slashed at the tentacles and fought against being battered and dragged under the neck-high water. Grim found the central mass where all the tentacles came from and struck, hard. In the last desperate seconds before Yoink activated the teleportation ring so the party could escape, Grim dealt the death blow to the foul creature.

Wherein the stealthiest of the party make a raid on the fire giant colony
Racial pride can lead to generosity.

Much planning was applied to the giant problem. Traps were examined and determined to be ridiculously costly. Brown mold was sought from WayzigWayzig Garmottin Glinpen Badgerhole Bighill Bunkpest Dalwick Handig Pilwin Ellyjotwiss the Alchemist. Yoink of Doink aka Lil YoinkYoink made a good impression on Wayzig and the old wizard dug an old wand of frost out of storage and gave it over to the party to help them in their gnomish quest to eliminate the fire giant colony. Wall of ice was applied judiciously. I think wall of ice was used 6 times. A huge chest of Blue Fist silver was spent on a case of potions of extra healing. A big wooden case with thin wood slats stuffed with straw holding the bottles from clinking into each other and protecting them from shock.

This time giants were battled. GlaubenGlauben Silverfist and Yoink used stealth to infiltrate further into the outer parts of the giant colony. Braziers lined the halls and were seen in the corners of every room keeping the place hot and lit. Groups of trolls were heard and seen moving through the halls. Etten giants were encountered in an outer room eating. Perhaps having two heads makes noticing hidden gnomes easier. The stealth team was spotted. Chase was given.

A choke point was set up where KaraflanKaraflan stood by with caltrops. The passage was blocked with a wall of ice each time a giant smashed through. Karaflan and Glauben and the ice were able to do enough damage to take down a giant in a turn or two so that they small party never got overwhelmed. Trolls were easier to hit than ettins but more troublesome because of regeneration. Cone of cold and a barrel of burning oil brought them to an end.

Wherein the party defeats a red dragon
resistance to fire really comes in handy

Great victory was had! The party defeated 6 trolls and a young red dragon. They also drove off two giants and incapacitated two additional trolls.

When the party arrived at their teleport location they noticed that the dungeon had been altered. The room of Dwaven Kings was well lit from five large bronze braziers and several candles in the hands of each statue. The door out was shut and locked. Despite only having two days at most to work with, the giants had somehow built several complex mechanical traps with the mechanism running through the walls and ceiling. Alarms were triggered, Fatty baked up a quick pastry. Camouflaged trolls jumped out and attacked at the sound of the klaxon. Instead of retreating, the party changed its tactics. The Klaxon went on throughout most of the fight. Until two fire giants brought a red dragon to end the battle. It crashed into the party with ferocity and fire. During the fight, Grim and Glauben were close to death at one point or another, but the party kept changing tactics to meet the changing threat and in the end were only forced to retreat because the giants have reinforcements and called up dwarven slaves to take the front line.

Wherein the party tries to rescue the dwarven slaves
Fire in the night sky.

The party awoke in the late evening to the sounds of shouting in the square and the town alarm being rung. Fire was erupting from Hethelvagi’s brothel. Yoink and Glauben ran to the scene to find two groups of people streaming out of the building. Johns and whores in various states of undress followed by armed men dressed in black. All were running in terror. It became apparent that the fire was coming from the courtyard and the two Gnomes pressed through the building to discover Hethelvagi armed with a magic sword, injured, and leaning against the building. Fire giants had raided the Citadel of the Bloody Hand and the cowardly assassins fled to the surface. Also, vampires may be on the loose.

The Gnomes got the retired heroes from the village to form a posse, while the party went into Undermountain to find out if Dun Glordel was under attack.

It was.

But the Dwarves held off the onslaught of the trolls. With big war machines. Speaking of big war machines, that is exactly what the giants had in store for the party when they decided to raid the Giant’s lair while the giants had an assault party out. Much teleportation was had. Three ettins and one fire giant were slain. There was much running through the empty giant colony in search of the dwarves, but the most interesting thing found was the giant’s armory. The contents of which were, mostly, emptied and handed over to the dwarves through the use of teleport.


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