Ziggy Silverfist

Philosopher-priest of Garl Glittergold



Str: 9 {-1}
Con: 17 {+3}
Dex: 12 {+1}
Int: 16 {+3}
Wis: 20 {+5}
Cha: 15 {+2}

HP: 77
Speed: 15

AC: DR: 3/-
Normal 22 Base(10) + Armor(8) + Shield(2) + Dex(1) + Size(1)
Touch 12
Flat-footed 19
+4 against monsters of the giant type
Fort: +9 +6 base +3 Con
Ref: +3 +2 base +1 Dex
Will: +11 +6 base +5 Wis
+2 against illusions


Morningstar 6/1 1d6-1 x2 BAB(6/1) + Str(-1) + Size(1)
Sling 8/3 1d3-1 x2 BAB(6/1) + Dex(1) + Size(1)
+1 against kobolds and goblinoids

Trained Skills

Bluff +8 6 ranks +2 Cha
Concentration +6 4 ranks +3 Con
Diplomacy +13 11 ranks +2 Cha
Heal +13 8 ranks +5 Wis
Hide -1 0 ranks +1 Dex, +4 size, -6 Armor Check
Knowledge (religion) +10 7 ranks +3 Int
Listen +6 0 ranks +4 Wis, +2 racial
Profession (cook) +13 8 ranks +5 Wis
Spellcraft +10 7 ranks +3 Int
Knowledge (dungeoneering) +5 2 ranks (cc) +3 Int

Languages: Common, Gnome, Celestial, Elven, Dwarven

Feats and Special Abilities


Improved Initiative +4 to Initiative checks
Brew Potion Can create potions (DMG page 229)
Craft Wondrous Item Can create wondrous items (DMG page 246)

Special Abilities:

Aura As a good cleric, Ziggy has a strong aura of good. This increases to overwhelming at level 11.
Divine Spellcasting Domains Good: Cast good spells at +1 caster level
Trickery: Add Bluff, Disguise, and Hide to the list of class skills
Spontaneous Casting Ziggy can exchange any non-domain spell for a cure spell of equal or lesser level.
Turn Undead 5 times per day, Ziggy can take a standard action to turn undead. It acts on the nearest undead first, affecting anything in line of effect up to 60 feet away. See PHB pg. 159
Low-light Vision A gnome can see twice as far as a human in starlight, moonlight, torchlight, and similar conditions of poor illumination. He retains the ability to distinguish color and detail under these conditions.
Spell like abilities 1/day speak with animals (burrowing mammals only, duration 1 minute)
1/day dancing lights, ghost sound, prestidigitation, caster level 1st, DC 13 + spell level


Small Morningstar
Dwarven Plate
Masterwork Heavy Steel Shield
Holy Symbol of Garl Glittergold (Priceless)
Spare Holy Symbol of Garl Glittergold
Sling (20 bullets)
Candles (10)
Chalk (10)
Rations (10 days)
Spell Component Pouch

Zigraffeld Messlet Goodseeker Underfoot Herlaskor Stardust Long Wind Aristotle Godboy Thinks-Too-Much Csillag Silverfist, or Ziggy, is the cousin of Gildersneeze Silverfist. Ziggy’s mother, Beluir Poppol Stiltser Glibblet Nenn Penn Slickiron Hilltop Janegarra Silverfist is the younger sister of Gild’s father.

Zigraffeld: Given name from Ziggy’s father.
Messlet: Given name from Ziggy’s mother.
Goodseeker: Earned when Ziggy joined the clergy.
Underfoot: Given by his friends when they went on a month long trip to elven lands.
Herlaskor: Given at adulthood. Traditional Gnomish name meaning Art of Virtue.
Stardust: Given by his brother Karaflan.
Long Wind: Given by Glauben, Ziggy’s cousin once removed.
Aristotle: Given by Caladara, Gild’s great-niece.
Godboy: Given by Yoink of Doink.
Thinks-Too-Much: Given by Grim the Giant-Killer.
Csilli: Given by Tyl the Hermit.
Silverfist: Clan name.

Ziggy Silverfist

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