Last remaining Norge noble. Possibly related: Very angry.



Str: 18 {+4} 26 {+8} when raging
Con: 21 {+5} 29 {+9} when raging
Dex: 10 {+0}
Int: 13 {+1}
Wis: 14 {+2}
Cha: 12 {+1}

HP: 340 (420 when raging)
Speed: 50
Damage Reduction: 5\-

AC and Saves

Normal 26
Raging 24
Touch 16
Flatfooted 26
Fort: 19 23 when raging
Ref: 8 14 vs. Traps
Will: 10 14 when raging 18 vs. enchantments


+5 Vicious Greataxe of Speed +31/ +31/ +26/ +21/ +16 1d12+2d6+11 19-20/x3
Vell Cleaver +35/ +35/ +30/ +25/ +20 1d12+2d6+17 19-20/x3 Same weapon, just raging

Trained Skills

Climb +22 +26 when raging
Craft(sculpting) +15
Handle Animal +16
Intimidate +26
Jump +19 +23 when raging
Knowledge(politics) +6
Knowledge(religion) +6
Listen +22
Ride +14
Survival +12
Swim +18 +22 when raging

Feats and Special Abilities


Power Attack Take a penalty up to -20 and add twice the penalty to damage to all attacks for a round (only 1x the penalty if using a weapon in one hand)
Cleave Upon dropping a foe, free attack at same bonus that dropped first foe
Weapon Focus(greataxe) +1 to attack rolls using a greataxe
Blindfight Reroll miss chance on attacks against concealment, invisible melee attackers don’t get a bonus, darkness only reduces speed to 3/4
Great Cleave Like Cleave, but no limit to number of uses per round
Improved Sunder +4 to sunder attempts, doesn’t provoke attacks of opportunity (see PHB p.158 for sunder)
Combat Brute Advancing Blows: On a round after making a bull rush, +1 to attack and damage against that foe for each square pushed
Sundering Cleave: After destroying a weapon or shield with sunder, make a free attack at the foe at the same bonus as destroyed the item
Momentum Swing: On a round after making a charge, make a Power Attack with a penalty of at least -5. The damage bonus from Power attack is multiplied by 1.5 (i.e. with a two handed weapon, add triple the attack penalty to damage)
Improved Critical(greataxe) Threat range when using a greataxe is doubled

Special Abilities:

Fast Movement Land speed increased by 10 when in light or medium armor and not carrying a heavy load
Damage reduction Damage reduction 5\-
Mighty Rage 6/day As a free action on your turn, fly into a rage, gaining +8 to Str and Con, +4 morale bonus to Will saves, -2 to AC. The increased Con gives 80 hit points, but these are lost when the rage ends. While raging, cannot use any skills based on Cha, Dex, or Int except Balance, Escape Artist, Intimidate, and Ride. Also cannot use Concentration or any abilities requiring patience or concentration, including command words to activate magic items. Rage lasts up to 12 rounds.
Improved Uncanny Dodge Cannot be flanked, retains Dex bonus to AC when flat-footed
Trapsense +6 +6 dodge bonus to Ref saves vs. traps and AC against attacks from traps


+5 Vicious Greataxe of Speed
+5 Mithral Armor of Fortification
+5 Cloak of Resistance
Boots of Springing and Striding
Ioun Stone (pale green)
Stone of Luck
Wings of Flying
+2 Ring of Protection
+5 Ring of Protection
+5 Amulet of Protection
Gloves of Giant’s Strength – +2 Str
Potion of Protection from Fire Breath
Rod of Absorption

Except not.


Before joining the party

Vell’Kroh is the youngest of the six children of Vell’Breg and Vell’Dree. The house of Vell ruled over the small province of Tricht near a major pass through the mountains. Vell’Kroh’s father was a competent general who made sure his four sons were trained for combat, but did not force them into military service. Nonetheless, the eldest two sons trained to become powerful cavalrymen. Vell’Kroh did not follow their steps exactly, but did learn to ride well. He enjoyed travel, and spent much time acting as a courier throughout the Norge lands. At home, he pursued the art of sculpting. He was quite talented and through his craft earned many favors and even settled a few dangerous tensions between noble families.

Vell’Kroh was out traveling to a neighboring province to the north to check up on some of his statues that had been recently delivered when it fell under attack. The province wasn’t nearly prepared, and Vell’Kroh organized a retreat of survivors to Tricht. Still feeble compared the might of the Bluefist horde, Tricht stood emboldened by the influx of its neighbors. Vell’Breg and his sons led the battle, holding off the horde for as long as possible to let civilians flee south through the mountains.

The forces of Tricht held surprisingly well for a while, the tiring soldiers happy that they may have actually made a real dent in the horde’s forces. When Vell’Breg fell at the hands of a troll who held the body clearly in the air for all to see, that feeling vanished, and Vell’Kroh found his first rage.

The next several days were a cycle of blind fury and unconsciousness. Vell’Kroh came to his senses somewhere in the mountains, battered, broken, and covered in blood belonging to untold numbers of greenskins. Looking out from a summit, he saw all his familiar lands burnt and ravaged. Unsure whether it was a desperate need for revenge or impossible despair that led his feet south to Talowdale, he descended into southern Verland.

After joining the party

The party found Vell’Kroh at a gambling hall. Vell’Kroh recognized the killers of Grom Bluefist and asked to join them and help restore the Norge lands. His earnestness and prowess was proven when he quickly reduced one of Seifer’s liches to a fine powder.

“There is no more perfect tool for killing one foe than my axe. To fight armies, though, it takes more. If helping Wiglaf will clear out my home, then Wiglaf has the angriest help he will ever find.”

Origins of Magical Equipment

The Vell Cleaver is always a +5 Vicious Greataxe of Speed, but it isn’t truly the Cleaver until Vell’Kroh rages. The Cleaver was his greatest trophy of the battle of Tricht; a bugbear clearly unfamiliar with the properties of the weapon devastated two dozen soldiers before falling at Vell’Kroh’s feet from the weapon’s own thirst.

Vell’Kroh’s father wore into battle a brilliant cape beautifully embroidered with the crest of Vell. Vell’Kroh woke after his rampage with it tied around his eyes like a blindfold. How he got this Cloak of Resistance +5 from his father’s body, and whether he had used it to tie a wound, as a headband, or as a blindfold – These are mysteries to him.

Vell’Kroh’s +5 Mithral Breastplate of Fortification was confiscated from a retired adventurer who came drunkenly into Tricht. He settled down into a tavern and accidentally activated some magic item that exploded, obliterating the tavern and everyone inside. The adventurer was knocked unconscious, but survived. His equipment was taken from him and he was sentenced to hang. It is unknown whether he escaped on his own or with help, but the man left unseen with all of his belongings save for the suit of armor, left with a short note. “Oops oops! Very sorry!” The suit was given to Vell’Kroh for use in the battle against the horde.

Vell’Kroh was given a luckstone by a beautiful young noblewoman with whom he had a brief tryst as a teenager. He often jokes that things happened out of order, and it must have been the luckstone that brought her to him in the first place.

The greatest credit he has ever given the luckstone is in the strange block of pale green stone he was once tasked with carving the likeness of the Duke of Norge from. Whilst carving out the jewels on his crown, one fell out, a masterfully cut prism. It rose from his hand and started circling his head. Vell’Kroh finished the statue with unusual skill, and forever always brought his peculiar Ioun Stone out for carving. Now he carries into battle as well.

Vell’Kroh has always been an outstanding and competitive athlete, with a long history of entering athletic competitions. He was no permanent champion, but he won several and placed well in many. His greatest victory was in a grand race across the mountains and back. He remembers those weeks with tremendous pride, and the Boots of Springing and Striding he won as a prize remind him often.

The Wings of Flying Vell’Kroh occasionally dons were given to him by an elven foreigner from the southern continent as pay for a particularly strange commission. He was given a vague description from which he was to carve a tremendously large statue, the height and width of six men and thrice as long. All he was told was to look to his dreams for the shape of a great beast of the sea. It took weeks merely to find suitable stone from the mountains, and months still to carve it. He was asked to take no help in the sculpting; time was not an issue, and the elf’s lady wanted only one man’s work. The ship that came eventually to take it from Verland was perhaps the largest he had ever seen, and he was sad to see it go. He has never since had the chance to work on a piece of such size with so much creative freedom.

And then Talavath fucked it all up.


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