Karaflan is a gnome miner barbarian with brain damage.


Karaflan Gaeradd Omann! Silverfist
Barbarian 12, Chaotic Neutral

Str |18| |4|
Dex |16| |3|
Con: (18 (1) (1))=20 5
Int |12| |1|
Wis |12| |1|
Cha |13| |1| (
1)=14 +2

+1 Flaming Giant Longsword – 2d6 damage 19-20/x2 crit 1d6 fire damage

HP: |204 36 when raging]|
AC: |29 (with shield) = 10 +1 + 13 + 3 +2|
Fort: 8 +4= 12
Ref: 4 +3= 7
Will: 4 +1= 5 +3 while raging
Attack: 12/7/2 [
4 (str)(+7 raging) / +1 (longsword)] = 16/11/6 (19/16/9 while raging)
+1 size= 20/12/7 (23/17/12 while raging)

Movement: 25 ft
Initiative: +6

Literacy 1 (2)
Climb 12 [10 when raging] (4)
Intimidate 9 (4)
Jump 16 [14 when raging] (4)
Listen 15 (2)
Survival 13 (4)
Spot 1 (2)
knowledge stone masonry 9 (1)

Rage 4/day (+3 STR +3 CON, +3 will save 2 AC)
Fast Movement
Gnome (Speak w/ Burrowing Mammals, Prestidigitation, Dancing Lights, Ghost Sound)
Improved Uncanny Dodge
Trap Sense +3
Greater Rage
Damage Reduction 2/

Combat Reflexes
Power Attack
Monkey Paw

Common, Gnomish, Dwarven

Breastplate (200)
Backpack (2)
Bedroll (0.1)
Crowbar (2)
Rations x8 (4)
Rope (1)
Waterskin (1)
Cold Weather Outfit
9gp 9sp
Flaming huge longsword – 2d6 damage (1d6 fire damage)
Wooden Shield of Spell resistance (+2)


Karaflan Gaeradd Omann! Silverfist is a gnomish hero turned outcast in Raer Baer. The son of Beluir and Seguran Silverfist, his strong build and determined work ethic led him to Raer Baer’s mines, where he quickly became a foreman of the gnomish and dwarven workers.

His life changed dramatically when a new emerald vein caved in, stranding several of his workers under tons of stone. While his men ran for the surface, Karaflan ran bravely in to rescue his workers. While he pulled a dwarf and a gnome out of the wreckage, he sustained a serious head wound while doing so. Raer Baer hailed him as a hero, but he was never quite the same after the incident—he became steadily more aggressive and short-tempered, causing the community that at first revered his courage to push him away.

Karaflan earned the respect of Raer Baer’s dwarven miners and their families, and increasingly has isolated himself from all but his closest friends and family in the gnomish community. Many have revised their opinion of him from that of a hero to an outcast—including his fiance, who left him a few months ago. To make matters worse, he has been arrested several times for disturbing the peace and starting bar fights. Most recently, he was held in the town’s lockup for sending a gnome who beat him in a drunken wager to the healers. Facing jail time or ‘community service’, he chose to join the gnomes out to rescue Gildersneeze from his curse—if only out of spite for the community that once worshiped but now abandoned him.


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