A born again troll monk

  • Allignment: Lawful Good
  • EXP: 45,000
  • Class Levels: Fighter 4/Monk 6
  • unarmed speed bonus:
  • base attack: 7/2
  • unarmed damage: 2d6
  • AC: 22
  • hit points: 148
  • STR: 26 (+8)
  • DEX: 19 (+4)
  • CON: 27 (+8)
  • INT: 12 (+1)
  • WIS: 18 (+4)
  • CHA: 11 (+1)
  • fury of blows 6/6
  • improved grapple
  • combat reflexes
  • improved trip
  • run
  • improved willpower (+2 will save)
  • power attack
  • cleave
  • greater cleave
  • improved great cleave
  • improved bullrush
  • deflect arrows
  • evasion
  • Intimidate (CHA)
  • Jump (STR)
  • Swim (STR) – 8
  • Climb (STR)
  • Profession, Gardening (INT) – 1
  • Fort: +21
  • Ref: +10
  • Will: +1 +2 +5
  • Cloak of the bat

Born in the north in a regular troll cave in Norge. His family was brought under the rule of Grom The Blue Fist along with the rest of the orcs and goblins and trolls north of Verland. He was pressed into service in the Blue Fist army and eventually was assigned to Duke Staggreig. Seifer Veinlash wanted trolls to experiment on so he tricked Glvag and three of his comrades into entering his secret subterranean mad-house and locked them inside.

Surrounded by madness and faced with true evil, Glvag looked inward and for the first time understood right from wrong.

He had heard of Whuh Sdat and the self-control of monks and applied himself to meditation to control the insatiable trollish hunger that drives a troll to evil.

One day the party burst through the walls of the mad-house and cured the mental afflictions of the lunatics with a limited-wish. Glvag found his idol, Whuh and asked to be accepted as a follower.

Whuh heard Glvag’s story and accepted him, assigning him the task of always keeping a living plant on his person as a source of calm and center and a lesson on focus.


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