Felix Fletcher

Felix is a Bowyer/Fletcher that takes up residence in Talowdale early in the campaign


AC 8 (-2 Dex)
HP 20
Int 14
Dex 16
Age 34


Born in Faroton and raised as a bowyer’s apprentice. Felix was conscripted at the age of 19 into Duke Staggreig’s forces for a particular campaign to repel an invasion by the Northern Warlords. Since his discharge from the military Felix has become an itinerant craftsman, traveling from village to village working as a fletcher wherever he can make a living.

He is in the merchant’s caravan that brings the party to Talowdale. Felix decides to settle in Talowdale because the caravan is stopped by the road being out to the West, and his services can provide him with an income given the needs of the adventures and the checkpoint to the North.

Felix Fletcher

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