Fatty Fat Scaredy Cat the Pony Winston aka Fatty Winston

under height. overweight gnome cleric with fondness for pastries and a tendency to hide in a crowd. He does have his braver moments but prefers to let others go first.


Int 16 (3)
Wis 18 (
Dex 12 (1)
Str 12(14 – 2 racial) (
Cha 16 (3)
Con 16 (14 + 2 racial) (

HP 22

Spells Memorized:

1. Sanctuary (Protection Domain Spell)
2. Cure light wounds (d8+1)
3. Cure light wounds (d8+1)

AC: unknown

Military Pick 2 (d6 + 2) (1 str bonus) = d6+3 damage/ +3 to attack

Heavy Wooden Shield +4
Strange Blue Glowing Armor

Worn or Held on Person
Periapt of Health (blue gem set in silver chain)
Ring of teleport with 33 charges
Goggles of Life Sight
Basic Gnome Clothes with Grease Stains worn over Blue Glowing Armor.
Small Hooded Oil Lantern
Flask of Whale Oil on belt
FLint & Tinder in pouch
Ring with Horn Emblems in pocket
Flask of Drinking Water

Standard Gnome Backpack
Small Scroll Case for easier access:
Scroll w\ 7 spells Gust of Wind, Control Weather, Heal Mass, Locate Object, Suray, ESP, Monster Summon lEvel 1 (used)

In Backpack:
3 throwing daggers
1 lb of white sugar
1 lb of flour
3 Eggs
Small Cooking Pot
Stirring Spoon
10 oz of baking soda
1 shaker of salt w\ salt
other basic cooking supplies
7 days of dried rations
1 Potion of Invis
2 scrolls of cure poison
2 scrolls of cure light wounds
1 scroll of dispel evil
1 spell of diagnose injury
Scroll w\ 4 cleric spells: Befriend, Water Breathing, ?, ?
1 Pepper Grinder 3/4 full of fresh pepper
Potion of Healing
Potion of LEvitation
Potion of Undead Control [Vampire]
Scroll 2 spells Undead ?, Hold Animal
Potion of Flying
Scroll w\ 1 spell Pyro
Scroll w\ 1 spell Heat Metal
1 each scroll of prot. from Acid / Cold / Dragon Breath / Electricity / Lycan / Magic / Possession / Undead / Undead / Plants / Gas

Fatty’s Dog
Carrying Packs
In Pack 1
> 1 flask whale oil
> 1 flask drinking water
> spices n such
> 7 days supplies

In Pack 2
> 1 flask whale oil
> cooking pot
> blanket
> 1 flask drinking water



Fatty ended up as a cook on a pirate ship. He recognized his fellow gnomes from Raer Baer and decided to sneak off with them instead.

Fatty Fat Scaredy Cat the Pony Winston aka Fatty Winston

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