Ehlonna AriEr

Bard, suductress, thief.

Class Level
Bard 20
Shadow Dancer 6
Total 26
Stats Combat Saving Throws Feats
str 16 +3 attack: 16/7/+2 fort 11 acrobatic (+2 to jump and tumble)
dex 20 +5 dagger 1d4 ref 21 Weapon Finesse (use Dex modifier for attack with light weapons)
con 16+3 light X-bow of accuracy 1d8+3 (all ranges considered short) will 15 Mounted Combat (negate hits on mount with ride check)
int 18 +4 hp 212 Mounted Archery (half penalty for ranged attack while mounted)
wis 12 +1 ac 22 Black Dragon armor & Dex Rapid Reload
cha 19 +5 Ride by Attack
Combat Reflexes
Spring Attack
balance 13 +4 climb 10 +2 diplomacy 10 +4 disguise 11 +4
escape artist 10 +4 gather information 10 +4 hide 15 +4 jump 15 +2 +4
listen 15 +1 move silently 15 +4 perform 29 +5 +1 (always increase) Ride 15 +4
search 10 +2 sense motive 15 +1 spell craft 10 +2 spot 10 +1
tumble 10 +2 +4 use magic device 8 +4 use rope 10 +4 Knowledge:Etiquette 10
master craft lyre (+1 to perform) Elvish
10 silver throwing daggers Common
Light Crossbow of Accuracy +3 Draconic
Black Dragon Scale Armor AC+11, Immune to Acid, +5 to hide Halfling


Lev.0 (4/day) know 6 Lev.1 (4/day) know 5 Lev.2 (4/day) know 5 Lev.3 (4/day) know 5 Lev.4 (4/day) know 5 Lev.5 (4/day) Know 5 Lev.6 (4/day) Know4
Read Magic Nystul’s Magic Aura Whispering Wind Leomund’s Tiny Hut Hold Monster (1 round/level) Dispel Magic Greater (+20) Gias
Summon Instrument Erase Invisibility (1 minute/level Crushing Despair (enemies -2 on attack and save) Cure Critical Wounds Shadow Evocation Hero’s Feast
Meage Hand Summon Monster I Alter Self Blink Dominate Person Nightmare Veil
Resistance (+1 savethrow) Tasha’s Uncontrollable Hideous Laughter Mirror Image Gaseous Form Freedom of Movement Mirage Arcana Otto’s Irresistable Dance
ghost sound cure light wounds Detect Thoughts Invisibility sphere Break Enchantment Mind Fog
fairy fire

Class Ability Description
Bardic Knowledge Bard level + Int modifier to check for relevant informaion
Countersong Anyone within 30’ can use bards perform roll as save Vs. magical effect. Or, if ongoing gets 2nd save attempt. Duration = concentration + 10 rounds.
Fascinate 1 creature / 3 bard levels is forced to concentrate on the performing bard (-4 to spot/listen). Duration = concentration + 10 rounds. Target gets will save DC = perform check. Target gets second save attempt if threatened.
Inspire Courage Allies get bonus to save v feat/charm and to attack roll. Bonus is +1 /6 bard levels. Duration = Concentration +3 rounds
Inspire Competence Allies get +2 bonus to skill checks Duration = Concentration
Suggestion May cast Suggestion on one fascinated target. Will save DC = 10 + 1/2 bards level + Cha modifier
Inspire Greatness 1 ally +1 / every 3 levels >9, gets +2 HD, Attack & Fort Save Duration = Concentration
Song of Freedom Cast Break Enchantment spell
Inspire heroics 1 ally +1 / every 3 levels >15, gets +4 morale & AC Duration = Concentration +5rds
Hide in Plain Sight May use Hide skill even in plain sight while being observed as long as there is a shadow
Evasion For anything that allows a Ref save for 1/2 damage, if save you take no damage
Darkvision Can see in monochrome in natural complete darkness
Uncanny Dodge Retain Dex bonus to AC even when surprised or flatfooted but not when immobilized
Shadow Illusion Silent Image 1/day Visual illusions range 400’ area 10’ * 10’ / caster level
Summon Shadow You summon a Shadow like from the MM but of your alignment, obeys you, can communicate with you, cannot create spawn 1 at a time
Shadow Jump Dimension door between shadows 20’ + 20’ / 2lv >4 Any jump of <10’> tall, 80 lbs. Pale white skin, wheat colored hair.

h2. Alignment

Chaotic Good

h2. Deity

Corellon Larethian

h2. Bio

Achieved fame as the favored musician of the court to the Elvan King and Queen. Took to the road to learn and perform. Learned magic from Elecktheria the Enchantress, one of The Eight.

Ehlonna AriEr

Talowdale pumma81

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