"Phill" the Lizard Man

The lizard man the party picked up as a follower in the Snakebite Swamp


Lv. 5 Ranger Lv. 17 Paladin of Bahamut


Phil’s given name is Sh’lass.

Sh’lass was Born in the Snakebite Swamp to the Coral Banded Tribe.

The Coral Banded lizard men have been enslaved by Rovarath the Black for their entire history. They were brought to the Snakebite Swamp by Rovarath over 1000 years ago to insulate him from troublesome adventurers and provide sustenance. Rovarath forced the first settlers to defile and convert an old temple of Bahamut to his worship.

Sh’lass main duty was to help provide for the sustenance of his tribe and he did so as a hunter gatherer. His 24 years living and hunting in the swamp have given him the skills of a ranger.

Five years ago the Blue Fist came to the Snakebite Swamp. They bought off Rovarath with mounds of coins and the promise of more to come. The lizard men could never have driven out the orcs by themselves and with Rovarath appeased Sh’lass had to watch as his homeland was polluted and destroyed by the foreigners.

Recently a group of adventurers appeared in his swamp. They circled around in the illusion for a few days like all invaders. But these strangers actually tried to make peaceful contact and respected the land. Both as a natural resource and as the territory of the Coral Banded Tribe. Rovarath forced the tribe’s warriors to attack the adventurers camp in the night and for this folly the Coral Banded Tribe was destroyed.

Sh’lass is one of the last of his people and has sworn to repay his honor debt to the adventurers his tribe has harmed.

Since he has joined the party he has struggled spiritually with the downfall of his people which truly seemes in his eyes to be sent by the gods. He has dedicated long hours to prayer and has recently been struck with the epiphany that retribution may lie with these adventurers but will require more than mere service to them. Bahamut has called him to his service.

"Phill" the Lizard Man

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