Wherein the Gnomes Acquire Hirelings and the Beginnings of a Library

OK, OK! I nock an arrow.../sigh ...and attack the darkness.

Last session saw the Gnomes of Raer Baer beset upon by an ambush. After the big communal breakfast where the epic party uses magic each morning to feed as many as possible, the party was ambushed in the crowd by a group of green skins calling themselves the Rock Viper Tribe. Led by the big orc, “”/campaigns/talowdale/characters/barrel-1" class=“wiki-content-link”>Barrel," each member of the tribe had the markings of a coral snake tattooed on their left forearm. Barrel said something about the ambush serving as their resume and when challenged retorted by saying actions speak louder than words. When it became clear that the Rock Vipers were not using lethal force, the party quickly switched to suppression magic and brought the tribe down in a quick three rounds. After being subdued the party accepted the Rock Viper’s request for employment. There was some official wrangling where Pythagos got the two bugbears that had joined the Imperial Marines reassigned to “special duty.” That night a ritual was held where the Rock Vipers swore their allegiance to their new tribe, Giant Slayers of Raer Baer, 8th platoon. With a tattoo of a big red 8 on a black background.

Later the party teleported into the dungeon to clear the last room of Hund’s Temple. A door was used as a choke point to make swift work of the skeletons inside and looting revealed, an empty box.

With only two active members, the party fell back on investigation. Grim and Neliflex spent the next day and night gumshoeing around Arconston with some assistance from Estnod and Sir Donald Oats.



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