Current Treasure (1st session)

Loot! loot! loot!


270 cp 8,325 sp 3838 gp 70 pp

Weapons and Armor

15 light cross bows

150 Stone Bolts

10 short swords

26o x-bow bolts

2 small shields

8 long swords

7 poor quality splint mail

2 Splint Mail

1 Special Sword – Falchion

20 Spears

10 Alchemist’s Fire

4 Tanglefoot Bag

10 Thunderstone

5 Medium-sized Chainmail

5 Tower Shields

5 McQuedle


*600 exp before personal exp bonuses.

personal EXP bonuses


I plan on getting that +50 exp often.

Current Treasure (1st session)

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