Black Eyed Petey and the Evinki

Out To Sea

The party sold their orcish loot for 350 gold worth of Guild Notes to the somewhat shady merchant recommended by the very shady innkeeper.

+350 gp [Guild notes]

Searching for a ship, the group met a fisherman Belado who sold the finest, cheapest fish and pointed them along to Black Eyed Petey, who was looking for a crew.

-2 cp

Black Eyed Petey, captain of the Evinki, was desperate for a crew after his previous one left him. He was willing to take on the inexperienced sailors due to their magical talents, mostly. Their combat experience was also a plus. They bought up provisions; sailing gear and booze, mostly. Three half barrels of ale, one cask of ale, and one cask of wine.

-35 gp (sailing clothes) -12 gp (booze)

The crew loaded up the ship with their own provisions and the captain’s. Ziggy did his magic fixin’ and the crew got some basic sailor’s training. They visited temples of three sea gods: Aegir, Njord, and Umberlee. Late that night, the Evinki and its gnome crew sailed out with the tide from Clam Bay.



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